Websites Hosted

Two media lab students made their trainer proud upon having their client projects successfully implemented
in DRUPAL and the websites hosted these are:

Joyce Namata. She developed a website for Old Kampala Students Association


visit the page and leave your comment.

Contact her at:


Birungi Aidah

   She developed a website for ” Raise up a Child foundation.”


You can contact her at:






More student work will be posted. Watch this space.


My Hero Projects

Kampabits Students had the opportunity to participate in the MY HERO project that run for about 8 weeks.
Due to their persverence they were award certificates and Tshirts, My Hero Stickers and My post cards.

This was a unique experience for the students since they had never participated in an online collaboration.

Find some of the stories the students shared at these links:



“We had a motivational talk from Allan Kakinda on Friday 20th April 2012  – An adobe youth voice educator.(

A graduate of Statistics with passion for media has seen him self accomplish alot at a young age.

He shared how he started out in media, and the opportunities available for young people in media arena. He encouraged the students to use social media to share

their art-work / porfolios as a way of getting exposure. He elaborated what Adobe Youth Voice is and encouraged Kampabits to incorprate

the AYV activities as a way of helping students get exposure on an international level and also have their talents out.


He shared youth made videos by various young people in an AVY  and emphasized creating with a purpose.T he discussion ended by the students asking him questions.


New Trainer from Nairobi

We have been graced by the presence of Geoffrey a senior Design trainer from Nairobits.
We have had very interactive sessions from Warm up games ie – ZIP-ZAP and then Cross puzzles and Fill in
the gap instructions.

Finally we are crowning the day with Puppet making session.

Course One Graduation

On the 13 October 2011 a group 35 young people received their certificates for course one.
Below are the highlights of the day.

8:30 am– Setting up of the room in anticipation of the invited guests.
9:00 am – Arrival of students and invited guests. The students and guardians came in one by one and slowly the room begun filling.
10:00 am – The number was still small to start event so we waited on as the students came.
10:30 am– Mr. Okwaput invited the students that had come to share their experiences of how they found course one training and for those that finished in group one what they had been doing with the knowledge they have.

Mawogole Ivan: “ I was able to use the knowledge to teach my uncle how to use Ms Word and the computer generally. I even showed him how to play music on the computer.”

Muggaga Sekyanzi: “ I went back to Kasese and designed a poster that earned me 80,000/=. With entrepreneurship knowledge I started writing business plans at a fee of 30,000/= and up-to-date I have  written 10 business plans with three receiving funding.”  “I met some one through the internet that shared with me the knowledge of making soap. I have been able to over 8 boxes of soap per week with that knowledge and I sell each box for 35,000/= actually young people on my village are coming to me for work” “ I even started a business for my brother in primary five of buying old newspapers and reselling them as book covers to primary school pupils. This way he has been able to sustain him self.”

Aliganyira Juliet: “ I went back to my former school and taught Ms Word to students. That way I earned some money.”

Kobusingye Joanita: “ I was able to get clients for whom I designed certificates and business cards. The training was life changing.”

Aliguma Edison: “ I went back to St. Elizabeth girls home and taught other students there.”

Many other inspiring stories and testimonies were shares and there was a general feeling in the room that the training was really life changing.

11:30 – 12:30pm- Had an opening prayer and the Uganda National Anthem .
Students presented their work.

12:45 pm We had a young man by the names Joshua Magambo share his life how he has made it in IT despite not having gone to university. He was willing to involve some of the students in his projects and was thrilled by the quality of work they presented.

1:00pm Had Snack and later a group photograph.

1:30pm – There was a heavy rain downpour and later guests left at their own will.